CPAB Charters

​​​​​​​CPAB’s Charters outline the roles and responsibilities of our Board of Directors, Risk and Audit Committee and HR and Governance Committees.

Board of Directors’ Charter

Our Board of Directors has ongoing responsibility for the stewardship of CPAB, which it carries out directly and through its Committees.

Read the Board of Directors' Charter​​

Risk and Audit Committee Charter

CPAB’s Risk and Audit Committee helps the Board fulfil its obligations and oversight responsibilities relating to financial planning, the audit process, financial reporting, internal controls and risk management.

Read the Risk and Audit Committee Charter 

Human Resources and Governance Committee Charter

The purpose of our Human Resources and Governance Committee is to review, report and make recommendations to the Board on matters of human resources, corporate governance, Board composition, the formation and membership of Committees, the objectives, performance and compensation of the CEO and other officers, and the content and application of CPAB’s Codes of Ethics.

Read the ​Human Resources and Governance Committee Charter​​ 


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