Governance Structure


We have two classes of members: the Council of Governors and the Provincial Audit Regulator Members.

Council of Governors

The Council of Governors carries out an annual high-level assessment of CPAB against its mandate, pursuant to the provisions of the Canadian Public Accountability Board Act (Ontario). This assessment is provided to the Ontario Securities Commission and is also provided to the Securities Commissions in British Columbia, Manitoba, Saskatchewan, Yukon and the Northwest Territories and New Brunswick as a condition of CPAB’s recognition by those provinces as an auditor oversight organization.

Read the most recent Certificate attesting to this assessment provided to the Securities Commissions.

The Council also has the power to appoint and remove the Chair, Vice Chair and members of CPAB’s Board. The six-member Council of Governors includes:

  • The Superintendent of Financial Institutions of Canada
  • The Chair of the Ontario Securities Commission (OSC)
  • The Chair of the Québec Autorité des marchés financiers,
  • The Chair of the Canadian Securities Administrators (CSA) or, if the Chair is from Ontario or Quebec, an alternate governor selected by the CSA
  • Another governor selected by the CSA
  • The ‘Accountant Council of Governors Member’, an individual who is both a professional accountant and who has audit oversight regulatory experience

Provincial Audit Regulator Members

The Provincial Audit Regulator Members’ (PARM) principal responsibility is the appointment of CPAB’s external auditor. PARM membership is available to provincial audit regulators who oversee audit firms whose aggregate Canadian audit fee revenue from reporting issuers in the province is at least $7 million and whose disciplinary processes and Codes of Ethics meet standards established by CPAB’s Board of Directors.

Read a more detailed summary of the PARM’s responsibilities in our Statement of Accountability and Governance Practices​.​ 

Board of Directors

The Board has nine directors, all appointed by the Council of Governors. At least four of the directors, but no more than five, must be professional accountants to ensure the Board has directors with accounting expertise. At least two directors must have regulatory experience or regulatory/audit oversight experience. Although CPAB’s By-laws ​specify that directors are reappointed annually by the Council of Governors, CPAB has a policy that individual directors are appointed for up to a maximum of nine years, subject to annual reappointment by the Council of Governors, unless CPAB has recommended the extension of the appointment, limited to one, one-year term.

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