CPAB’s Strategic Plan

The Canadian Public Accountability Board (CPAB) contributes to audit quality in Canada, and driven by a culture of integrity, commitment and collaboration.

Over the past three years, CPAB has evolved its inspection methodology, systems and processes, and developed its capabilities in the areas of stakeholder engagement and thought leadership. CPAB’s 2016-2018 strategic plan builds on our previous plan by taking the next steps in each of our areas of focus to drive sustainable, high quality audits. CPAB will focus on the following areas over the next three years:

  1. Field a high performance team.
  2. Further build a focus on risk assessment and mitigation into CPAB’s culture.
  3. Continue to enhance inspections.
  4. Develop practical and meaningful thought leadership.
  5. Expand awareness and understanding of issues related to audit quality across stakeholders.

Read our 2016-2018 strategic plan here.

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