Focus by Stakeholder

Audit firms and reporting issuers are not the only part of the audit process. Audit committees, investors and analysts also play important roles. In addition, Canadian and international regulators address issues relating to audit quality.

By providing all stakeholders with better information on audit quality issues, and by engaging in a dialogue with them about our overall findings, all stakeholders, including CPAB, can perform their roles more effectively. ​​​

136 Canadian and 137 foreign firms participated in CPAB's inspection program in 2018.

CPAB inspects all audit firms that audit reporting issuers in Canada.

CPAB works in co-operation with national and provincial regulators in Canada, and participates in the International Forum of Independent Audit Regulators.
Audit committees can—and should—be key contributors to audit quality.

High-quality audits mean all investors, from large institutional investors to individuals, can have confidence in the integrity of financial statements.

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