2017 Audit Quality Symposium – Earning Investor Confidence

In May 2017, CPAB hosted its fourth Audit Quality Symposium in Toronto. Featuring a variety of corporate directors, investors, and regulators, the symposium explored the relevance of the audit, particularly to investors, and the reliability of information reported outside of the financial statements.

The event consisted of three panels:

Panel 1: Investor perspectives and update on international regulations that enhance investor confidence
Panel 2: The role of the audit committee in earning investor confidence
Panel 3: The role of the auditor in earning investor confidence

2017 AQS Key Messages

2017 Audit Quality Symposium Key Messages

2017 Audit Quality Symposium Key Messages​.

Posted: 27/07/2017

2014 Audit Quality Symposium Voting Results

​See how the 2014 Audit Quality Symposium participants voted on key questions relating to audit quality.

Posted: 20/02/2015

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