CPAB Funding Model

CPAB Considers New Funding Model

CPAB is considering changing its current fee model to one based on audit fees publicly reported on SEDAR. As Canada’s audit regulator, CPAB derives our operating budget form Canadian reporting issuers. Each year, we invoice the participating audit firm which, in turn, bills their reporting issuer clients. In reviewing the model we questioned whether it is equitable across all reporting issuers. We concluded that it is not in today’s complex global audit environment.

CPAB is committed to being a cost-effective regulator and we believe the new model provides a cost-effective, secure basis to appropriately and sustainably fund our operations, fulfill our mandate and promote confidence in corporate reporting in Canada. It is fair, simple, transparent and revenue-neutral.  
Please click here to access a brief outlining the change under consideration.

Comment Period Closed

All stakeholders were invited to provide feedback on the new fee model being considered by CPAB. The consultation period closed on July 28, 2017.

All comments received are posted below for download. Please note that comment letters have been posted in the language that they were written.

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