400 Burrard Street, 9th Floor
Vancouver, BC
V6C 3B7


Anna Moreton
604 691-6565


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400 Burrard Street, 9th Floor

Vancouver, BC
V6C 3B7

Joel Babich 
Graeme Cocke 
Louise Lee 
Anna Moreton 
BlockMint Technologies Inc
Bond Resources Inc.
Carbon Streaming Corporation
Carl Data Solutions Inc.
Ceres Global AG Corp.
Codebase Ventures Inc.
Conic Metals Corp.
DGTL Holdings Inc.
Experion Holdings Ltd.
Fanlogic Interactive Inc.
Farstarcap Investment Corp.
Glenbriar Technologies Inc.
Global Li-Ion Graphite Corp.
Golden Sun Mining Corp.
Great Thunder Gold Corp.
HIT Technologies Inc
ImagineAR Inc.
iMining Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Inc.
Inomin Mines Inc.
Magna Gold Corp.
MediaValet Inc.
Metallic Minerals Corp.
Minerva Intelligence Inc.
Minsud Resources Corp.
Network Media Group Inc.
Pangolin Diamonds Corp.
Platinex Inc
Providence Gold Mines Inc.
Pure Energy Minerals Limited
RiseTech Capital Corp.
Sentinel Resources Corp.
Sierra Madre Developments Inc.
Tarachi Gold Corp.
THC BioMed Intl Ltd.
Victory Resources Corporation
Wi2Wi Corporation
Xplore Resources Corp.
Zadar Ventures Ltd.

1500 - 401 Bay Street

Toronto, ON
M5H 2Y4

Anthony Barrone 
H. Steven Frye 
John Sinclair 
Eric Walker 
1246764 BC Ltd.
1246765 BC Ltd.
1246768 BC Ltd.
1246773 BC Ltd.
1246775 BC Ltd.
1246777 BC Ltd.
1246778 BC Ltd.
1246779 BC Ltd.
Elixxer Ltd.
Engine Media
Namaste Technologies Inc.
Personas Social Incorporated
Rise Life Science Corp
Slang Worldwide Inc.
Tilt Holdings Inc.