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Baker Tilly WM LLP (formerly Wolrige Mahon Collins Barrow LLP)1Canada24-02-2004
BDO Canada LLP2Canada26-03-2007
Crowe Soberman LLP1Canada25-02-2004
Deloitte LLP1Canada12-03-2004
DNTW Toronto LLP1Canada22-10-2013
Ernst & Young LLP1Canada26-03-2004
Flabbi & Associates LLP1Canada28-10-2013
Forbes Andersen LLP1Canada19-01-2005
Goodman and Associates LLP (formerly SGGG LLP)1Canada08-04-2004
Grant Thornton LLP4Canada26-03-2004
JACKSON & CO., LLP1Canada13-07-2021
James Belesiotis, Chartered Accountant1Canada04-08-2009
Jeffrey Weigensberg, CPA, CA, LPA1Canada08-06-2015
Koster, Spinks & Koster LLP1Canada01-03-2004
KPMG LLP1Canada26-03-2004
McGovern Hurley LLP (formerly UHY McGovern Hurley LLP)1Canada04-03-2004
MNP LLP4Canada27-02-2004
MS Partners LLP1Canada24-01-2011
Philip Gigan C.A.1Canada16-03-2004
PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP1Canada26-03-2004
Richter S.E.N.C.R.L./LLP 1Canada23-02-2004
RSM Canada LLP (formerly Collins Barrow Toronto)1Canada27-02-2004
RZN, LLP1Canada16-03-2005
S & W LLP Chartered Professional Accountants1Canada15-03-2004
Segal LLP1Canada12-04-2004
Shimmerman Penn LLP1Canada27-02-2004
Stern & Lovrics LLP1Canada04-03-2004
TINKHAM LLP1Canada18-05-2018
Welch LLP (formerly Welch & Company LLP)1Canada27-07-2004
Zeifmans LLP1Canada27-02-2004